Annual review published this week


In its annual review published this week, the TDS Charitable Foundation has revealed it provided £100,000 of funding for educational projects in its first year of operation. The Foundation aims to promote education for tenants and landlords in the private rented sector, and to raise standards in the industry.

Commenting on the report, Chair Professor Martin Partington said;

“We have been delighted at the number and variety of bids received over the year. Demand for funds greatly exceeded the resources we have available; the total value of bids in our first year was nearly £900,000! Initially we funded a number of smaller projects focussing on very local issues. But as the year progressed, the Trustees chose projects that would have greater national reach. For example, the development of training materials for other organisations to use in the delivery of local workshops. We felt this was better value for money, and these training packs are expected in the spring of 2016.”

Projects funded include the National Union of Students “ready to rent” initiative for the delivery of a tenant training programme for students, rolled out through students’ unions and Caerphilly County Borough Council to produce an equalities guidance booklet for landlords in Wales.

The Trustees are also on the lookout for really innovative ways to communicate information to landlords and tenants. For example in its most recent round of funding in October 2015, it funded the Ealing Equality Council £3,612 to deliver twenty four free walk in tenancy and support surgeries from a pop up shop.

Inviting applications for its next round of funding, which closes on the 10th December 2015, Professor Partington said:

“The theme for the last year has been educational projects to landlords and tenants to raise standards, and we are very keen to see bids that meet this objective. However, there is a lot of publicly available information for both landlords and tenants. Some of it is out of date and , more troubling, there is no central place for either of these groups to go to access the information they need.

The Trustees are keen to hear from organisations who would be interested in undertaking a feasibility study on improving the availability and dissemination of information in the private rented sector aimed at landlords and tenants.”


The annual report and a full list of funded projects can be found here: TDS Charitable Foundation Annual Review


The Foundation is currently welcoming bids for the next round of funding which is open until 10 December 2015.

Organisations can download an application form and view the bidding criteria online at


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Law for Life report – Legal information and training for tenants


Commissioned by the TDS Charitable Foundation, Law for Life has produced a short report assessing the legal information and training resources available for tenants in the private rented sector.

Their initial findings indicate that:

  • Information and training resources are needed which address the needs of the most vulnerable and least legally capable amongst tenants in the private rented sector;
  • While there are many information resources available generally, they can be difficult to locate.

Law for Life has recommended:

  • Producing targeted plain English resources focused on the self-management of problems;
  • Consolidating the best information resources for private tenants in a specially designated website.

This need for resources occurs in a context in which only “ 40% of people claim to know their rights in relation to housing” and 47% of people would attribute legal issues in housing to ‘bad luck’ rather than recognising them as justiciable issues, while 73% of people with rented housing problems would not seek legal advice or support.

Commenting on the report, Tara Mulqueen of Law for Life said:

“We wanted to address some of the gaps in information and training available for private tenants and community organisations working in the private rented sector, but without reinventing the wheel or duplicating efforts. We think there is a need to make information and training resources easier to understand and more readily accessible. ”

The report can be review in full here.

About Law for Life:

Law for Life works to ensure that everyone has the knowledge, confidence and practical skills they need to secure access to justice. We do this through community-based education and training, research and policy, and through the Advicenow website which provides easy-to-use information on rights and the law for the public. We also support other organisations around the world to help their users make sense of the law through our research, consultancy, and training.

About the TDS Charitable Foundation

Works to advance education about housing rights and obligations in general, and in particular about:

  • Best practice in the management of private rented housing
  • Legal rights and obligations of those involved in the provision or management of private rented housing
  • Using alternative dispute resolution for more efficient and effective resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants.

We are funded mainly by donations from The Dispute Service – a leading tenancy deposit scheme which operates on a non-profit basis across the UK.

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