Resources for Landlords

Useful resources for Landlords

Landlord Guides

Caerphilly Council’s Equalities and Welsh Language team produced a guidance and information document to help landlords better understand their tenants:


Setting up a tenancy correctly from day 1 – Advice from Mike Morgan, TDS Director of Dispute Resolution

Tenancy Agreements

The government has a model tenancy agreement for assured shorthold tenancies.

The importance of inventories – Advice from Mike Morgan, TDS Director of Dispute Resolution


It is extremely important to have a good inventory to avoid problems at the end of the tenancy.

Accredited inventory clerks can be found here:

Advice from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on how to approach inventories:


Tips for happy deposit protection – Ben Beadle, TDS

Cleaning is the most common reason for disputes over tenancy deposits – Mike Morgan, TDS Director of Dispute Resolution

Tenancy Deposit Protection

By law, landlords must protect deposits on assured shorthold tenancies in a government approved scheme such as TDS.


There are accreditation schemes for landlords across the country. Find out about the schemes in your area through the ANUK Accreditation Network UK, Regional directory.


A number of professional bodies exist to promote best practice in the private rented sector:


safeAgentThe SAFE Agent mark can be displayed by letting agents who protect tenant and landlord money through client money protection schemes.