Don’t miss out on £70K funding from TDS Charitable Foundation


TDS Charitable FoundationOrganisations that support landlords and tenants have just four weeks left to apply for a share of a £70,000 funding pot from the TDS Charitable Foundation.

The amount of money available to fund innovative projects that benefit the private rented sector has been increased for 2016, and people are urged to submit their bids before the deadline on Wednesday 10th August.

In particular, the foundation is looking to make funding available to commission a feasibility study into establishing a dedicated research centre for the sector in England and Wales.

More than £175,000 in grants has been given out by the TDS Charitable Foundation since it was established in 2014 by TDS, the UK’s leading insurance-backed tenancy deposit scheme. As the only not-for-profit scheme in its industry, TDS is committed to raising standards in the private rented sector.

Organisations that have successfully applied for funding in the past include Designs on Property Ltd, which was awarded £15,000 to fund a series of 12 independent reports on the private rented sector, the first of which looked into the typical buy-to-rent landlord and was published earlier this month.

Industry expert and report author Kate Faulkner said: “Without the funding from the TDS Charitable Foundation we would not have been able to carry out this independent research, which I believe is vital if we are to fully understand the industry in which we work and start challenging the misperceptions surrounding the private rented sector.

“I’d never applied for funding before but there was plenty of support available at every stage of the process and I would really encourage anyone who thinks they have a project that meets the objectives of the foundation to apply.”

Prof Martin Partington, chairman of TDS and the TDS Charitable Foundation, said: “Our not-for-profit status enables us to use part of our surplus income to raise standards in the industry we serve by reinvesting in education and training and promoting best practice, and as an organisation this is something we are passionate about.”

More information on how to submit a bid before the Wednesday 10th August deadline. The successful applicants will be announced in the autumn.


Small organisations representing landlords or tenants that wish to deliver training about renting a property can access a train2rent free training course pack that has been produced thanks to funding from the TDS Charitable Foundation.

Funding enquiries

or please email:

A copy of the full ‘Who are the individual landlords providing private rented accommodation’ by Kate Faulkner is available to download.



Tenant And Landlord Projects Receive £40,000 In Funding From TDS Charitable Foundation


Tenant And Landlord Projects Receive £40,000 In Funding From TDS Charitable Foundation

New education projects for tenants and landlords have received almost £40,000 in funding, the TDS Charitable Foundation has announced today.

The Foundation aims to promote education for tenants and landlords in the private rented sector, and to raise standards in the industry.

The projects range from a local youth club helping young care leavers to a nationwide programme for landlord accreditation across the UK.

Warrington Youth Club: £2,374

Warrington Youth Club’s ‘Positive Life Skills’ programme helps young care leavers in their transition from carers to an independent lives. The TDS Charitable Foundation grant will help this hard to reach group as they prepare for their transition to independent living, providing workshops on their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

Young Enterprise and Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG): £20,000

This project will also help young people in their transition into independent living, providing a new financial education teaching resource for 14-19 year olds. The resource will provide young people with information on the housing market, the options available to young people when they leave home and the costs they will need to prepare for.

Unipol Student Homes: £10,112

Unipol is providing a new website for Accreditation Network UK (ANUK). ANUK promotes landlord accreditation programmes across the UK and the improved website, to be managed by Unipol, will include a directory of landlord accreditation schemes and downloadable accreditation handbooks. It will also contribute towards one of their core aims, in the promotion of proper complaints processes to be transparent, rapid, and known to tenants.

NUS Ready to Rent: £17,295

Ready to Rent is a landmark programme equipping student unions with resources to help students in the private rented sector. The funding will be used to extend the programme to Further Education Student Unions. Ready to Rent launched last year with support from the Foundation and has become well established as a resource and training provider.

Chairman of the TDS Charitable Foundation, Professor Martin Partington said;

“We have received a diverse range of interesting new projects aiming to help the ever growing private rented sector. The number of private tenancies recently grew beyond the social sector for the first time in decades so it is vital that tenants, living longer in rented accommodation, and the growing number of landlords investing part time in property, have easy access to information on their rights and obligations.

The projects we are funding are just one way to help raise standards in the sector. I look forward to reading the applications for funding for our next round in September 2015.”

The Foundation is currently welcoming bids for the next round of funding which is open until 15 September 2015. Organisations can download an application form and view the bidding criteria online at


Funding Enquiries

01442 218 031


Media Enquiries

Chris Kendall, Communications Officer

01442 780 560




Do you want to teach tenants and help landlords learn?


If you want to help educate landlords and tenants, we want to hear from you.


TDS Charitable Foundation offers funding to projects which advance education about housing rights and obligations, in particular in private rented accommodation.

We are now open to applications, and the form to fill in is here on our site. In addition this year we are now looking to commission experts in the field to produce training materials which TDS Charitable Foundation will make available to all those who want to help inform tenants and landlords – if you think you have the expertise we want to hear from you.


Can you help?


It is likely that this work will involve taking an established guide/handbook on tenants and landlords rights and responsibilities and producing a trainer’s guide, PowerPoint slides, handouts and exercises which local groups could use to run their own workshops.


Organisations and individuals who wish to be considered to undertake this work should contact the Foundation and provide a brief outline of their relevant experience. We aim to produce one set of materials to support tenant training and another set to support landlord training. info@tdsfoundation


We are still welcoming bids for funding on other projects which aim to promote awareness of tenants’ rights and responsibilities and of landlords’ obligations.


1. Promoting knowledge of landlords’ obligations

It is clear that the growth of the private rented sector has been fueled in recent years in part by the rise of the ‘accidental landlord’.  This is often a person who owns property but who is required by circumstances to let the property.  These landlords tend to be inexperienced and not fully understand the obligations that they have to meet as a landlord.

The Foundation invites proposals that will help to educate such landlords about the obligations of being a private landlord.



2. Promoting knowledge of tenants’ rights & responsibilities

The Foundation is aware that many tenants are not fully aware of their tenants rights and responsibilities and the Foundation will invite proposals which will help educate tenants about their rights and responsibilities.  A particular focus of this will be the student market.

The Foundation invites proposals that will help to educate tenants.


The next round of applications closes on 31st May – follow this link to apply for funding. 



New source of advice for migrants in the private rented sector


Migrants living or looking for a home in the private rented sector will be able to get advice on their housing rights from an expanded website.

The website – – is run by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and BMENational, the body that represents BME housing associations.

It was set up to provide information for migrants and people who advise them about their entitlement to social housing, homelessness help and housing benefit. It has now been extended to cover the private rented sector after winning a £6,300 grant from the TDS Charitable Foundation.

The government’s Labour Force Survey shows that 80% of recent migrants (those who have been in the country less than five years) live in private rented housing. A report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2012 showed that they are often forced into poorer parts of the sector, are unaware of or scared to use their rights, and find it difficult to access advice or get poor advice from conventional housing advice services. The expanded website is intended to help address the gap in the advice available.

CIH policy adviser John Perry, who helps run, said: “We’re extremely grateful to the TDS Charitable Foundation for this generous grant. Over one fifth of tenants in the private rented sector are foreign nationals so it’s vital that they get good advice on their rights. And it’s particularly relevant right now given the Immigration Act 2014, which came into force in parts of the West Midlands in December. The Act requires private landlords to check the immigration status of new tenants, which can be very complicated even for legitimate migrants. So the new sections of the website will cover the new rules, the documents needed by people applying for tenancies and what to do if things go wrong either before the offer of tenancy or later – including advice on how respond to the risk of discrimination by landlords.

“Unfortunately migrants can find themselves at the mercy of rogue landlords, living in extremely poor conditions – we hope the extended website can help prevent this from happening and make them and people who advise them more aware of their rights.”

Steve Harriott, Trustee at the TDS Charitable Foundation said;

“Standards in private rented sector are more important than ever before, as the only form of housing which continues to grow. Whilst most tenants in the UK have good landlords, it is the most vulnerable and those with least knowledge of the law at greatest risk of falling into the hands of bad ones. We are delighted to be able to help CIH and BMENational with this funding to develop an invaluable resource for tenants.”, which is mainly funded by sponsorship, was originally developed in partnership with HACT with start-up funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government. It is run by John Perry and Sam Lister of CIH and consultants Sue Lukes and Liz Davies.

It averaged almost 12,500 visitors a month in 2014 and is used as a resource by bodies including Shelter, the Citizens Advice Bureau and the Migrant Rights Network as well as many small advice agencies.